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Libyan Desert Glass - 21g, 3cm x 3cm 

Libyan Desert Glass is also called Libyan Gold Tektite, they are powerful manifestation tools that enhance spiritual healing. The meaning of the name of these stones relates to the area where they are found in the Libyan Desert. They are located in only one particular area, in a specific region of the Great Erg or sand sea.

They embody within them the vibration of the Golden ray, a powerful spiritual energy. These unusual stones vibrate strongly within the solar plexus chakra, which is the seat of the will in the body. It is a highly protective crystal and is beneficial to strengthen your will by stopping other people from stealing your energy.  

This is a helpful stone for those who feel that they do not belong on this earth, and who feel they may originate from elsewhere in the universe.

Libyan Glass is great to use in meditation as these highly unusual stones embody the golden light within them.  They will aid past life explorations and are said to be able to enable you to make contact with beings from other dimensions, including extraterrestrial beings. Light-workers have been using Libyan Desert Glass, and have found that these high-vibration stones are a strong aid for ascension. 

They are powerful crystals for money, by their action to boost your willpower, and they have strong energy to aid manifestation.

The vibration of these stones encourages the growth of your personal abundance and prosperity through their strong effect to strengthen your solar plexus chakra.



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