Blue Crackle Quartz Tumble Stone

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Blue Crackle Quartz Tumble Stone - $4 EACH 

Crackled quartz counteracts negative energy. It is known as an excellent amulet to avoid evil energy. It is also useful for regaining positive emotions and energy. It will make your thoughts clearer and fill them with positivity.

Crackle quartz retains the healing qualities of quartz as well as the chakra properties that have been introduced by the enhanced colour. Crackle Quartz is a pure Quartz crystal that has been superheated and then dyed to give it vibrant colours. This chakra governs creative and emotional energy.

Crackle Quartz is crystalline quartz that has been intentionally fractured by people. They usually heat clear quartz or slightly translucent quartz to a high temperature, then suddenly quench it in cold water. The shock of sudden cooling causes a network of tiny fractures to propagate through the quartz.

If dye is added to the quenching water, it will enter any surface-reaching fractures and flow, by capillary action, deep into the quartz. The deep penetration of dye produces rich colour in the quartz.

The result is a transparent coloured stone that sparkles when it is moved under bright light. The sparkles are produced as light enters the stone, strikes an internal fracture surface, and reflects back to the eye of the observer.

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