Aqua Aura Tumble Stones

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Small Aqua Aura Tumble Stone - $15 EACH

Aqua Aura is quartz that has been bonded with 24ct Gold. It shimmers and sparkles in a beautiful Aqua blue colour. Aqua Aura brings connection to our Higher Self. It facilitates honesty, clarity of the mind and the speaking of our truth. It aids communication in a way that is different to most other ‘communication’ crystals in that it promotes positive, empowering communication. We can all communicate, but whether it is in a way other people hear our truth or in a way that is kind, compassionate and positive is a different matter. Aqua Aura can be placed anywhere on the body during a therapy and will bring ideas and information to mind ~ either for the therapist or the client, as to why energy or illness might be located in a specific area. Used in meditation or divination, such as tarot reading, Aqua Aura aids clear mindedness, enabling us to clearly interpret whatever information we need to know in that moment and allows us to communicate it in a positive way. Aqua Aura is good at releasing stress & anxiety and so allowing our mind to be cleared of irrational fears.

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