Astrophyllite Pendant

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Small Astrophyllite & Sterling Silver Pendant - 2cm Length - Pendant Only

This "Entia Jewellery" piece is unique and individually handcrafted. This incredible range has been designed and made in Northern NSW and is inspired by the colours, patterns and textures found in the natural landscape. All pieces are made with Sterling Silver and are of exceptional quality.

If you are unsure about what you want to do, especially if you are at a turning point in your life, then Astrophyllite is a wonderful stone to give you the energy to get through that turning point. This stone also protects your psychic self, which is probably not surprising considering its shape – the pointy spears look like a stone that’s ready to go into battle for you.

Astrophyllite rules the crown chakra. This is actually one of the strongest stones for developing spiritual and intellectual strength. It will enhance your telepathic abilities and your ability to contact other people through psychic means.

It will bring you into the web of human and natural energy that enfolds the earth in a way that few other stones can achieve. Perhaps because its shape emulates both the stars of the heavens and the leaves of the Earth, Astrophyllite has the unique ability to improve your psychic powers without diminishing your connection to the physical world.

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