Atlantisite Sphere

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Atlantisite Sphere - 207g, 5.5cm diameter (Includes Stand)

Atlantisite actually combines the powers of the serpentine with the compassionate and loving energies of the stichtite. Both the stichtite and serpentine stimulate the kundalini energy and connects the heart and crown chakras together. Furthermore, the serpentine works in emanating healing vibrations from the heart, as well as awaken the dormant energies, which have been at rest for a long period of time.

There are actually lots of atlantisite benefits that you may get, including the creation of a more peaceful and calmer environment, bringing about abundance and prosperity, a solution to various interpersonal conflicts, protection against danger and negativity, as well as spiritual and physical healing.

In addition, this stone is also a greatly wonderful stone for meditation, which may bring alignment to the physical body, relax the mind, and connect the different energies and chakras. Specifically, atlantisite links the heart chakra to the third eye chakra so the intuition will become stronger. And since the atlantisite has a strong connection to the Mother Earth, it is beneficial in clearing the energy imbalances so the positive energy will flow all over the torso.

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