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Azeztulite is a white variety of quartz. It has a quite interesting vibration, and it is said to be connecting those who use it to beings in other dimensions. It has been named after a group of interdimensional beings called 'the Azez', that were said to have made a connection with those who named this stone.

The story of this stone comes from a book on crystals called 'The Book of Stones'. This book was written by Robert Simmons and Naisha Ahsian. The information on this stone had been channeled to Naisha. It is said that it came from beings called the Azez, in a direct telepathic link. The Azez told her that they had altered some specific quartz crystals on this planet, to act as a communication device for them, for inter-dimensional travel. Later more information came through on these stones and their purpose, through the spirit guide Radha. Azeztulite is moving to a higher level of functioning, as the vibrations on our planet are gradually increasing. They said that people who wear or carry the stone, Azeztulite, are more likely to be able to move to, or achieve a higher state more rapidly and easily. They said that the purpose of the stone was to anchor this light onto our planet, to help bring many changes to the planet. This would make this a very powerful stone for Light workers.


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