Beyond The Sky Infinity Key Ring

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Beyond The Sky Infinity Key Ring

Designed to revitalize the body and mind, enhance enlightenment, and expand awareness. The-life force energy that is brought into the body by the ring from the outside is heightened and intensified, and appears to revitalise all parts of the body by following the meridian channels. Seem to heal physical wounds, mental and emotional scares, even from past lives.
Seems to increase a healer’s affinity for work that needs to be addressed during sessions, as well as aiding in making sessions quicker and more efficient.
The design was suggested to Slim by an alchemist out of British Columbia, Canada. Hammered copper has the surface polarity of normal copper, but is transmitted to the interior of the metal during the flattening process. Therefore, it’s properties include the ability to attract monoatomics from the atmosphere. The monoatomics have the quality of conferring health  benefits to living organisms by providing a micro-resonance…which can be thought of as a dance of the atoms in harmony!

Ideal for kids school bags or belt keepers and key chains

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