Blue Aragonite Palmstone

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Blue Aragonite Palmstone - 4cm x 4cm

Blue Aragonite will help you sympathize more easily. This makes it a powerful stone for healers and spiritual teachers. It will enhance your communication abilities, specifically your spiritual communication. It will also resonate with your heart, throat, or third eye chakra, which will give you a joyful, optimistic and comforting vibration.

It’s beautiful stone of hope that will assist you in becoming more compassionate in how you deal with other people. It will also help you relieve your stress.  When communicating with your spirit guides, Blue Aragonite’s energy will help you communicate more openly and accurately.

It will help you communicate with the spirit and allow you to feel calm and relaxed. You will be able to handle all your experiences calmly and stress-free, too. This wonderful stone is a throat chakra stone that will support all types of communication, especially the communication that you receive from your spirit and from your spirit guides. Blue Aragonite is also a strong stone of spiritual vision. It will bring more joy and optimism in your life, and it will provide healing to your emotions.

Crystal healers believe that Blue Aragonite can raise the vibrational energies in the body. This stone can be beneficial in treating injuries, such as broken bones or nerve damage. It can also help ease spasms, twitching, and restlessness.

Anything that has to do with nerve or stress issues can be alleviated by the grounding energies of Blue Aragonite. Blue Aragonite can also be helpful in treating chronic fatigue, and even hair loss. It can be very beneficial in treating insomnia.

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