Blue Tourmaline in Quartz

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Blue Tourmaline in Quartz (Indicolite) - 670g - 18cm x 8cm

Blue Tourmaline is a lovely blue crystal that is rare & highly in demand. Its energy helps to accelerate the development of psychic mediumship and channelling. This can be helpful to assist you to connect with loved ones who have passed over. It is a powerful third eye chakra crystal, as well as a potent throat chakra stone. Its vibration stimulates improved communication abilities, and these abilities will aid you to speak with those in spirit.

Blue Tourmaline will also help you amplify your intuitive abilities. Interestingly, it will also help with the development of clairsentience, or the gift of feeling psychically or spiritually. By allowing you to hear through the veil, you may make contact with loved ones on the other side. As well it may help you to make contact with your guardian angels or spirit guides.

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