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Lavender Aura Quartz - 371g, 13cm x  7cm 

Lavender Aura Quartz, in terms of healing properties, is based off of its color energy, lavender. Clear Quartz is an amplifier, so it will amplify the healing properties provided by the color energy. Lavender brings spiritual wholeness and instills happiness. It is also the color of creativity, intuition, and clear sight. This can be used as a creative aid or a meditition aid. 

Lavender Aura Quartz, also known as Amethyst Aura Quartz, is Clear Quartz crystals bonded with Magnesium & Platinum.

Aura crystals have a synergistic & intensive energy despite being artificially treated. Created in an alchemical process in a vacuum chamber, various metals are bonded onto pure quartz crystals to give Aura crystals an iridescent metallic sheen & enhanced healing energy. Coatings include gold, indium, titanium, niobium & copper.

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