Cherry Blossom Agate Generator

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Cherry Blossom Agate Generator - 72g, 8cm Tall

Cherry Blossom Agate contains 3-dimensional plumes creating flower and seed-like structures. This is certainly a beautiful piece to look at. The energy of this stone is incredible and will help you take your ideas from seed to blossom.

Cherry Blossom Agate has many amazing metaphysical properties that encourage self-growth. The best analogy to describe the energy flowing from Flower Agate is “from seed to blossom," because Flower Agate will help you to blossom and reach your full potential. It can aid as a protector from your own fears & self-doubt to allow you to grow. Pieces with both orbicular patterns and flower-like plumes help us to envision the process of growth. They serve as a reminder that we start out as seeds and blossom and grow.  

Please note that this type of agate will have some small, natural chips and bumps. 

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