Cobalto Calcite Rough

Crystal Visions

Cobalto Calcite Rough - 98g, 8cm x 4cm 

Cobalto Calcite symbolises unconditional love and forgiveness. This is a stone of self-discovery, it connects the heart with the mind. If you are unsure where you need to go spiritually cobalto calcite helps you find your innate talents and life purpose. 

This beautiful crystal helps to transfer ideas into action without forcing the pace. It harmonises the intellect and the emotions, bringing the two into balance. This compassionate stone is effective for emotional healing and overcoming emotional blocks, loneliness, grief or a broken heart. It calms intense feelings, assisting in loving yourself and others and promotes a sense of feeling good about your life. Encouraging emotional growth, it sends out a profoundly nurturing energy that helps you to mother yourself. It is extremely supportive for those who have given up hope. 

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