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Dioptase Chrome Specimen - $19 EACH, Average Size 1.5cm x 1.5cm

Dioptase is a stone of forgiveness and letting go of past wrongs. Dioptase will help you come to terms with the fact that whatever anger you are carrying around with you because of past wrongs will only end up injuring you, rather than the people that you are angry at.

In the natural progression of this logic, dioptase is often used as a stone for past life regression, and relieving issues from a past life. Even if you do not personally believe in reincarnation, you can understand dioptase’s power to help us come to terms with things that happened before we appeared on the earth in our physical form, which will always affect us in some way.

Dioptase stones are aligned with the heart chakra, but also with the “thymus” or “high heart chakra,” which is a lesser but still significant wheel of power in our chakric body. The thymus chakra is said to be the seat of the soul, and creates a higher consciousness when activated alongside the crown chakra and heart chakra. Often, its powers are folded in with the power of the heart chakra, but some traditions do separate the two as distinct sources of power. In other words, dioptase is a stone that can help you connect with your true self and soul. It will help you become “unstuck” from the people and situations that you have been having difficulty forgiving, and move on with your life to achieve higher spiritual calm, and a sense of serenity that will help you improve your life.


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