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Fairy Ring - 192g, 7cm Wide 

One continuous ring, no beginning and no end ... Soothing, calming and grounding. Each one is a unique natural phenomenon, a genuine creation of Mother Nature. Microorganisms are responsible for these natural beauties - they consist of Calcium Carbonate (Calcite).

Fairy Stone embodies an energy that will help you connect with beings from the natural world. It has a soothing and calming energy that will help relieve your stress, fears, and anxieties. Its healing and empowering energies will support you when you’re trying to quit a bad habit or a bad addiction. It’s a good grounding stone that will help you stay connected to your inner power when you’re experiencing challenging times in your life. This stone will be very beneficial to those who are passionate about conservation because it will enhance this particular vibration.

This stone will provide you with a strong link to the nurturing energies of the natural world, and it will remind you not to forget about your connection to the earth.

Fairy Stone will show you how you can be happy and contented even with the basic things, and it will keep you grounded even when there are so many things happening around you.

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