Fossilized Sand Dollars

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Fossilized Sand Dollars - $13 EACH - 3cm Diameter 

Sand dollars are highly flattened, burrowing urchins of the order Clypeasteroida. They range in size up to about four inches and live buried in the sand just below the low tide line. They first appeared in the fossil record during the Paleocene, about 60 million years ago and are still alive today.

Revered by many cultures for centuries, fossils, because of their age, are often used as talismans for protection and long life. They are links to the past and, as such, can be helpful for past-life visualisation, astral travel and increased knowledge of ancient ways. Fossils are associated with the earth element, which can heighten your intuition, especially when learning about crystals.

Use fossils around a home or at work to create a harmonious and organized atmosphere. They can teach us to be aware of the cycle of life and to embrace change with a feeling of security.

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