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Green Chalcedony & Sterling Silver Ring - Size 7 

This "Entia Jewellery" piece is unique, individually handcrafted & of exceptional quality. This incredible range has been designed and made in Northern NSW and is inspired by the colours, patterns and textures found in the natural landscape. These pieces come with a lifetime guarantee and have the most beautiful energy. 

Green Chalcedony Strengthens the connection among friends and loved ones or your family group which subsequently results in better communication and interaction so that they can keep themselves solid. A solid group cannot be achieved without removing negativity including tensions. That’s how this crystal delivers another use which is to absorb negative energy and channel positive energy into the environment. Harmony in the environment will then be created.

It is known as a great healing gemstone. You would be able to receive new ideas or inspiration by having a calm mind. Green Chalcedony can see through the true value of things purely. This is a good gemstone for people who want to enhance insight. It is useful when you want to show out new information or value.

From ancient times, green was the symbol of heart and soul. Green Chalcedony is good for strengthening your soul. It would protect you from evil energy and keeps your mind healthy. This gemstone is good for an amulet, too.

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