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Small Lemon Quartz Tumble Stones - $3 EACH (Please note that these stones are smaller than the average tumble stone) 

Lemon quartz crystal is uplifting, cleansing and sunny. It is a stone of abundance much like citrine. Whereas citrine is golden or orange in colour, lemon quartz has a fresh yellow hue with green undertones. It comes in palest, clear lemon to a very vibrant yellow. 

It is associated with mental activity of all kinds, clarity of mind and can help bring decision making to the fore. Carry during a job interview or exam.

It will lift a down mood, bring energy to the wearer as well as a sunny feeling.
An ideal stone to wear during winter if you are prone to seasonal blues. (If truly depressed, try Amber. Lemon quartz will put a zing into the step if mildly depressed.) It has the power to remove negative thinking and blockages of the mind, clearing the aura. It can remove self doubt, bring confidence, joy, peace, and may even help with anxiety. 

May ease out of control cravings for food, increase metabolism and brain function.
Said to reduce nicotine cravings.
Help with diabetes.
Speed your recovery, or recover more easily, after illness, injury or surgery. Gives energy and a physical boost.
Ease brain fogginess or focus a confused mind.

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