Rainbow Aura Amethyst Pineapple Rosette

Crystal Visions

Rainbow Aura Amethyst Pineapple Rosette - 50g, 45mm wide 

Rainbow Aura, is formed through the bonding of gold and titanium onto pure rock crystal.

Rainbow aura activates all the energy centres of the body. It clears a path for the life force to manifest which brings you energy and a zest for life. 

Rainbow aura is helpful to dysfunctional family's as it release negative emotions such as resentment and grief and bring you knowledge of the cause of the problem. It brings harmony into the family.

It is stimulating to the auric field and meridians and infuses the aura with the rainbow spectrum of light. It increases energy, vitality, and mental awareness. It can help you to feel grounded, centered, and energized all at the same time. It is beneficial for all relationships, especially dysfunctional ones as it brings insight about the relationship and aids you in releasing negative emotions. 

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