Rainforest Jasper & Praisiolite Earrings

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Rainforest Jasper/Rhyolite, Praisiolite & Sterling Silver Earrings - 4.5cm Length 

This "Entia Jewellery" piece is unique, individually handcrafted & of exceptional quality. This incredible range has been designed and made in Northern NSW and is inspired by the colours, patterns and textures found in the natural landscape. These pieces come with a lifetime guarantee and are of extremely high quality. 

If you are a person who is passionate about the earth and who feels that it is time to step forward to help heal the earth, then the energy of this stone will be of benefit to you. This stone is also known as Green Rhyolite and is a strong stone to help you to understand who you really are. Like most green stones, its energy resonates within the heart chakra. It is a helpful stone to connect with Mother Gaia and the energy of the natural world and may be used in earth healing rituals.It will aid you to make a stronger connection to the great forests and green areas of the planet, as Rainforest Jasper encourages you to have a deeper, more heart-based love for the earth.

As a type of quartz, prasiolite possesses all of the standard benefits associated with this mineral. The gem is also imbued with its own uniquely valuable attributes in keeping with its aforementioned metaphysical significance. These benefits can be felt in the areas of physical and mental health, financial wellbeing and good fortune, and interpersonal relationships.

Prasiolite is believed to attract fortunate circumstances into the lives of those who possess it, with the specific imperative of fostering personal and fiscal independence. It nurtures clarity of thought and the insight required to identify opportunities for growth where they arise. In the pursuit of these goals, the prasiolite holder will find that they are more focused and determined.

With regard to monetary success, prasiolite assists its possessor in achieving abundance whilst simultaneously enriching the lives of those around them.

Prasiolite is also a great support to seekers of personal and spiritual growth. It engenders greater self-sufficiency, self-love and confidence. Thus, the prasiolite stone enables one to enter into relationships with others from a position of inner strength and authenticity.

The prasiolite stone is highly regarded for its power to eliminate negativity and manifest a more positive, joyful aura in those who possess it. The green quartz crystal mollifies intense emotions to allow cooler heads to prevail. Thus, the gem enables one to live in the moment and so attract warm people and healthy relationships.

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