Raise Your Vibes Crystal Cards

Watkins Media Limited


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The Raise Your Vibes Crystal Cards take your self-healing further than any other oracle deck by linking the power of crystals with the energy of Reiki and of the chakras.

When we channel the divine energy of Reiki into our crystals, chakras and affirmations, we maximize the energetic vibrations of them all and the result is deep healing, profound wellbeing and supercharged manifestation.

There are 55 stunning crystal cards in this deck, each carrying the energetic imprint of their crystal, so you don't need to own the actual crystals themselves to benefit from their powers.

Draw on each crystal's power with Quick Fix Vibes, Rituals and Affirmations.

Use crystals to work on life areas linked to each chakra, from protection, finances and fears in the root chakra to inner wisdom and enlightenment in the crown chakra.

Create layouts that range from a simple one-card draw to a nine-card crystal grid in order to ask the cards for guidance on problems, healing and how to shift your vibration to the positive!

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