Smokey Quartzoid Cluster

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Smokey Quartzoid Cluster - 1.301kg, 15cm x 12cm

This crystals on this rare specimen of natural color smoky quartz are so dark that most of them appear to be black. They show good vitreous luster on most of its multiple parallel and stepped pyramidal terminations which are mostly in very good condition with some abraded areas. This naturally terminated smoky quartz specimen has 4-sided terminations standing up from the matrix, but it is actually a double-ended (bi-terminated) bi-pyramid with no prismatic faces. The c-axis is parallel to the matrix surface so the "4-sided terminations" standing up from the matrix are actually the juncture of the terminations of the two 6-sided pyramids. The mineralogical term for this bi-pyrimidal form without prismatic faces is "quartzoid". This is a great specimen to fool a geologist with at first glance, since the form of the quartz's 4-sided crystal "tips" look more like black flourite crystals!

Smokey Quartz is a grounding stone: it helps you come back to the body and physical world. It is also protective and purifying, with the ability to neutralises negative vibrations and detoxify on all levels. It's wonderful for protecting against radiation and electromagnetic smog. This stone can be helpful for people who may be feeling suicidal, as it lifts depression and negativity. It is a powerful stone for helping to alleviate anxiety, fear and stress. Smokey Quartz encourages positive thoughts, dispels nightmares and helps to manifest your dreams.

It is best used to counter the effect of radiation, like sunburn, medical radiation and electromagnetic fields. Great to have next to your computer.

Keywords; Grounding. Detoxifying. Anti-anxiety. Calm. Positivity. Lifts Depression. Stable. Protection.

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