Srinivas Premium Incense – Indian Sandalwood

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Srinivas Premium Incense – Indian Sandalwood 15gms

Sandalwood is an age old fragrance that is used for many different purposes and considered sacred in many countries for centuries now. It has a distinct scent that is warm, smooth and creamy which aids in stimulating nerves and brain cells, thus keeping body and mind calm and relaxed. Inhaling the aromatic smoke of Satya Indian Sandalwood Incense sticks can help lift up your mood and give you a restful sleep. It is an effective stress reliever and an ideal choice of scent when meditating.

Shrinivas Sugandhalaya (satya) are well known for their nag champa incense and are experts at making masala incense. Masala incense is made by combining natural resins and a complex combination of a variety of oils, herbs and botanicals. Once completed the remains look like a form of dough which is then rolled onto bamboo sticks. This method of making incense makes for a much superior incense compared to those that are just dipped in perfume oils.

WARNING: Never leave burning incense unattended. Keep away from children.

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