Tensor Ring Pendant - Egyptian Sacred Royal Cubit

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Tensor Ring Pendant - Egyptian Sacred Royal Cubit

Materials - Leather, wooden bead, copper. (Handmade)

The cubit is the most widespread unit of measure from the ancient world. The Egyptian Royal (Sacred) Cubit has survived in both wood and stone, as well as in the meticulous dimensions of Egyptian architecture. Undoubtedly, the most important reference for the Royal/Sacred Cubit length is the King’s Chamber in the Great Pyramid at Giza. It is the most accurately wrought, the best preserved, and the most exactly measured of all the data that are known. The Sacred Cubit Ring has a natural resonant frequency of 144 MHz, which is a harmonic of light speed. In recent years, we’ve discovered that it is also a measurement of a wavelength in the standing gravity wave of the planet. It seems to work best with any physical issues. Carved just above the entrance of the King’s Chamber is a little projection of stone called the boss. Measuring from the floor to the boss, its perimeter is exactly 3.5 times the length of a Sacred Cubit. This is the measurement used for the large ring, called a full cubit. The Sacred or Royal cubit works on healing the physical 

What is a Tensor Ring?

Within a Tensor Ring is an infinite source of energy that is neither electric nor magnetic with an output that is beneficial and healing to all life forms. It is a superconductor that neutralizes magnetic fields, bringing coherency to chaos, and easily stabilizes and equalizes the biomagnetic and energy fields of the body.  Tensor Fields produce a measurable gravitational effect.
Tensor Technology is noted for its use in healing, energizing and restructuring water, enhancing plant growth and vitality, beekeeping, among thousands of other observations, including connectivity to the spiritual.
Tensor Fields are science based, though go far beyond the current scope and reality of most sciences. Tensor Rings are truly integration of Scientific and Spiritual Technologies.

How do they work?
When copper is heated and drawn to create the wire, the crystalline structure within the wire is aligned creates a one-way piezoelectric energy flow.  When a wire is folded, twisted, and the ends meet back on themselves, they create a continuous flow of energy both ways.  When cut to precise measurements, the twisted crystalline copper creates an antenna.  So, Tensor Rings are basically a piezoelectric-powered antenna. These precise measures are called Cubit measures.  Several Cubits have been found that were used to align and construct Sacred Sites around the globe, yet only eight Cubits are known to create Tensor Fields at this time.

The Rediscovery of Ancient Technology
Slim Spurling Re-Discovered Tensor Ring technology in 1991. Slim knew of John Wheeler’s extensive work with closed loops. John Archibald Wheeler, who coined the term black hole, came up with the mathematical theory of the “Tensor” field, which is found inside the ring. Wheeler called the field created by the loop a tensor field. Hans Becker, an astrophysicist who extensively tested the Spurling Rings, found the ring to oscillate at 144MHZ, a harmonic of the speed of light. He said that “When you create a closed-loop coil, energy begins to flow and the laws of physics go out the window. They may be the simplest, most efficient source of energy there is….gathering it and condensing it freely from space.”
According to Phillip Callahan, an expert on paramagnetism, Tensor Rings exhibit a paramagnetic value many times greater than anything ever tested. This means that Tensor Rings cause some of the elements in water to spin to their high-spin state referred to as ORME [Orbitally-Rearranged Monoatomic Elements]. This has a tremendous impact on water’s molecular structure and on the energetic components of the water. Tensor fields create an anti-gravity field. Grebennikov’s work supports this hypothesis as well as Mueller’s global scaling, where Tensor Rings emit a harmonic to a specific gravitational wave. We can also demonstrate the cancellation of electromagnetic fields within the Ring.

Some people believe that these pendants impact three dimensional or physical. Mechanical Conditions and define solid matter. It has a natural frequency of 144MHz - the harmonic speed of light. (Healing on the physical body) This ring carries specific frequencies or wavelengths that restores the regulatory function of the body and promotes healing. 
Can also be used on mechanical items such as a car, or electrical issues, etc. This scared measurement was found on the wall of the King's Chamber in the Great Pyramid of Giza and is a fraction of the circumference of the Earth! 

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