Tensor Ring Pendant - Gympie Dreamtime

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Gympie DreaMTime Infinity 5G Tensor Ring Pendant


leather, copper

The Gympie DreaMTime Pendant
5G protection

After speaking with Brian Besco from Twisted Sage Studios to find out which one of our cubits would be best suited to protect against 5G Brian and Brenda looked into the Gympie Cubit we discovered 2 years ago!
The guardian of our templates, and theirs, brought in the energetics to clear the 5G stuff into the Gympie template! The etheric templates were upgraded, to where the ring will now transform the 5G millimetre waves. Brian really likes the feel of the Gympie Dreamtime also. Brian said, “I can see the ancient aboriginal like beings dancing in the field of it”.
Big thank you to Brian and Brenda for helping us with our Ring!

The Gympie DreaMTime Ring also delivers a sense of Belonging & Calms Anxiety. It is connected to DreaMTime Knowledge of Australia's Ancient Past.
In meditation, some have found they have accessed messages from Universal Quantum Consciousness
DreaMTime ring brings to us Balance of Neg/Pos ~ Abundance/Lack, Freedom/Restrictions within our manifesting abilities giving us the Power to Change things ( The World ). DreaMTime Attracts Worldwide Togetherness of Likeminded People, it allows us to Raise Vibrations & Feel the Energy Changes
This Ring is connected to the DreaMTime Of  Australia in our Sleep Bringing Dreams of Clarity, Significance & Lost Knowledge
It is connected to the Base (Grounding), Crown (knowledge) & Heart Chakras along with the Heart of Australia.

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