Tourmaline Crystal Comb

White Lotus


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Black Tourmaline Comb

Are you totally tired of the chore and monotony of having to look after the hair at all times? This is where the White Lotus Crystal comb helps. Daily use of this comb turns into a very relaxing ritual, which helps a person in relaxing and taking out a moment of complete mental joy.

It has been a millennium since crystal combs were first used in the Far East, for smoothing out and caring for hair gently rather than straightening. It is also great for the body.

Traditionally, Tourmaline was very popular as a crystal that was used for protection, and to connect with the earth. Hence, it is a grounding crystal, which helps whenever life becomes too hectic to deal with.

It has very powerful electric properties. For instance, when it is warmed or rubbed, a positive and negative end develops. This is perfect for those who want to have more bounce and body to their scalp and hair. Those who want straighter and smoother hair, they may get rose quartz or jade crystals specifically tailored for their particular needs.


Before using this comb, we suggest you take 5 minutes for yourself. In this time, take a number of deep breaths and focus on the strokes of the comb gently brushing through the hair. Soon, this process will turn into a life-changing ritual, which will allow you to get your energy and strength back for a busy day.

The key benefits of the Tourmaline crystal comb include:

  • It nourishes and smoothens out the hair and tones the body
  • Turns into a life-changing ritual
  • It results in relaxation and grounding
  • Improves circulation in the scalp and body for better stimulation
  • The crystal is free of chemicals

In the Far East Crystal Combs have been used for centuries. The ancient people who inhabited these lands had deep beliefs in the crystals properties. Hence, they used crystal combs to nourish the hair and to stimulate their skin to improve qi energy along with blood.

All such rituals were there to enhance health, along with beauty. Both of these two were considered to be inseparable.

The white lotus crystal comb has been manufactured with a top-notch crystal, perfectly hand carved. Most of the crystal combs that you will find in the market are treated using chemicals. As a result of this, the chemical structure gets changed which changes the nature of this crystal.  

These beautifully carved combs are included inside highly glamorous silk lined boxes. Silk is known to preserve the energetic properties of the crystals. Hence, it is commonly used to hold crystals.

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