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The Abundance Tumble Stone Set includes Citrine, Jade, Tiger Eye, Pyrite, and Carnelian. We provide a printed explanation of the properties of these crystals with every set. Additionally, each set contains a crystal pouch. Please note that the crystals and pouches may not match the exact ones pictured but will be very similar. The pouch's color and pattern may vary from the photo. Selenite bowls are available for purchase separately.

Citrine fosters success, abundance, and prosperity. This crystal accelerates the realization of your intentions, making it an excellent choice for those seeking prosperity. It is often referred to as the merchant stone due to its capacity to enhance prosperity for business owners.

Jade, renowned for its ability to promote prosperity, wisdom, and harmony, is considered an exceptionally fortunate stone. It facilitates the flow of abundance and prosperity into our lives. Combining green jade with other green stones can amplify their prosperity-boosting energy.

Pyrite, a highly sought-after crystal for attracting wealth, is renowned for its ability to alleviate financial difficulties and draw in financial abundance. It also aids in making sound financial decisions, bringing wealth through both subtle and substantial means.

Carnelian revitalizes energy and motivation while sparking creativity. It instills courage, encourages positive life choices, dispels apathy, and motivates individuals toward success.

Tiger Eye, a stone synonymous with success, provides the willpower and motivation needed to take action and achieve success. It promotes composure in hectic situations, enhancing one's capacity to be a successful leader.

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