Celestite Cluster

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Celestite Cluster - 1.63kg, 13cm x 11cm

Celestite has a high vibration and is a cosmic teacher. It has the ability to take you into the infinite peace of the spiritual and contact the angelic realm. It starts your journey into spiritual development and urges you to spiritual enlightenment. 

Celestite gives you purity of the heart and attracts good fortune. It heals the aura and reveals the truth of a thing. It brings balance and alignment to your body, mind and spirit. Celestite helps in conflict resolution and maintaining a harmonious atmosphere in the workplace and in the home. It can help in restoring balance in dysfunctional relationships. Celestite sends peace and strength to you and helps to open you to new experiences. It teaches you to trust in a higher power and in your own abilities. 

Celestite is an excellent healing stone, it dissolves pain and brings love to you.  A large specimen of celestite in a room will remove bad vibrations from the environment. Don't place in direct sunlight as the crystal colour will fade over time.

Blue celestite heals the aura, astral body and light body. It promotes a connection with and the ability to work with Goddesses, spirit guides, angels, nature devas and ascended Beings. Celestite enhances channelling, and accesses and promotes core soul healing. It aids in psychic development and spiritual and karmic growth. This stone aligns the energetic bodies, and promotes peace.

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