First Aid Tumbles

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The First Aid Tumble Stone Set includes Carnelian, Rose Quartz, Mahogany Obsidian, Ametrine, Blue Lace Agate and a little silk pouch to carry them in. All sets come with a printed explanation of the crystals included.

Carnelian accelerates healing. 

Rose Quartz can help heal the heart chakra energy centre, it's a stabilizing stone. 

Obsidian is great for treating shock. It is a stabilising stone that strengthens a weak aura.

Ametrine helps with mental and emotional exhaustion.  

Blue Lace Agate variety is a very cooling and calming stone, endowing us with a sense of peace and tranquillity.  A powerful throat chakra healer, it assists with verbal expression of thoughts and feelings.  Blue Lace Agate is a great nurturing and supportive stone.

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