Cobalto Calcite

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Cobalto Calcite - 495g, 9cm x 7cm 

Cobalto Calcite encourages positivity and dispels negativity. It charges the auric bodies and helps to facilitate a deep and stable connection with the spirit world. It can also be used as a guide to past lives. It enhances all psychic abilities and helps to produce experiences that include contact with the spirit world, visions, and unusual manifestations.

Cobalto Calcite helps you to recognize and learn each life lesson, it also helps you to see the beauty in everyone and everything. It helps you to discover your inner truth and your life purpose. It makes emotional expression easier and draws out inner hurts and emotional pain. Cobaltoan Calcite is a calming stone that relieves anxiety and stress, fills the heart with love, soothes inner child hurts, and overcomes the fear of nightmares. It has been used to help balance the yin/yang energies.

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