Elemental Oracle - Original

Sacred 8 Publishing


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Elemental Oracle is a divination tool created by Roz Tilley. It uses the four elements of nature (earth, air, fire, water) to give insight and guidance. Learn more about the inspiration and use of this unique oracle deck created by Roz Tilley.

Roz Tilley has created a unique crystal oracle. When she started it she was unsure how it was to evolve and this she would tell you is what trust is all about.This is a healing deck working with the internal energy of the crystal, being that crystals are living Roz has tapped into the elemental held in the crystal.

Every card has an image that Roz has drawn, and a channeled reading from the crystal and the image. The cards will assist you to heal your mind, body or spirit. The oracle has 44 cards and a booklet. Each crystal is represented by a photo, three channelled readings, one from the crystal, the image and the essence.

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