Elestial Smokey Quartz

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Elestial Smokey Quartz - 75g, 5cm x 4cm

Elestial crystals are among the most powerful crystals on the Earth and are often called the Awakening Crystal.  They help us connect with the angels and receive their assistance, whether it is conscious or unconscious.  It is great for working on our emotional wounds, allowing us to receive clarity and gain a sense of emotional intelligence and well-being. It can allow massive healing of the emotional body - amplifying buried emotions, allowing them to surface while supporting and holding us as we delve deep into the wound. As our hearts open and self-love is experienced, our awareness expands to receive the gift from such a challenge. Through processing the suffering from these wounds we are able to stop projecting onto others and take back our personal power and responsibility, setting us free from our emotional chains.  

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