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Green Quartz Roughs - $9 EACH - Average size 5cm x 4cm

Green Quartz is a translucent to opaque pale lime green to a dark emerald green variety of crystalline quartz. It owes its colour to traces of iron, nickel, copper chloride and actinolite. Green quartz commonly occurs as clusters, masses or points. The leek green coloured quartz is known as Prase or Prasiolite.

This stone soothes, calms an refills the heart after emotional release. Green quartz repairs the heart chakra after opening a painful heart scar. It provides with the Yin energy of compassion and universal love. It promotes love for yourself and others. Green quartz sends you healing energies to ease abandonment, loneliness and emotional upset. It aids heart and emotional body healing. It enhances the healing from fear and panic attacks.
Green Quartz opens and stabilises the heart chakra, It changes negative energy into positive. It inspires creativity and balances the endocrine system.

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