Lemongrass Pillar Candle

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Lemongrass Pillar Candle

Clean and zesty fresh-cut lemongrass revitalises and rejuvenates to help tackle your daily challenges.

An environmentally-friendly scented Gold Pillar Candle which burns cleanly and is a solid colour throughout.

Colour: Gold

Scent: Lemongrass

Dimensions: 7 cm (w) x 10 cm (h)

Burn Time: up to 60 hrs

All Natural, and clean-burning, no paraffin, gmo-free, vegan-friendly, renewable plant-based wax

Fair Trade and Handmade, at our World Fair Trade Certified Workshop

Each candle is handmade and crafted in our World Fair Trade Organization workshop, dedicated to delivering positive social impact through its candle production. Every candle made and sold means more hands at work, more local jobs, and a happy village.

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