New Moon Ritual Kit

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The New Moon Ritual Kit includes a Labradorite Obelisk, Charcoal Soap Bar, a White Sage Smudge Stick, a Black Ritual Candle, an Amethyst Cluster, a Selenite Rod, a Clear Quartz Pyramid & our New Moon Tumbles Set. This set also includes printed instructions on how to do your own New Moon Intention Setting Ritual and an explanation of the properties of the crystals included. 

The New Moon is the beginning of the lunar cycle, and this is when the moon is "dark" or not visible from Earth. The New Moon is all about rebirth, renewal and clearing away the old, to make room for the new. So it's a wonderful time to harness that energy & set some intentions for the month ahead.

You can read more about the Intention Setting with the New Moon in our Blog

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