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Small Orchid Calcite Roughs - $6 EACH

Orchid Calcite is a ‘get up and go’ stone, it will help to raise your energy levels, while helping to improve your overall concentration, and motivation. Orchid Calcite will help you to realise what dreams someone else has put in your mind, and what your actual dreams are, encouraging you to go down the route that will bring them dreams to fruition. Orchid Calcite understands this journey will take time, and will affect you in many ways, so will continually stay by your side while you’re on this journey. This unusual form of Calcite will give you the willpower, determination, and enthusiasm needed, to complete the task set out in front of you. Orchid Calcite will give you a continued supply of energy, helping to keep you rejuvenated, and will provide a constant boost to your courage, and confidence.

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