Orthoceras Surfboard

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 Orthoceras Surfboard -  $15 EACH - Average Size 14cm x 4cm 

Orthoceras is an extinct marine cephalopod that ranged in size from a few inches to over five feet. An ancestor of the squid, their name means “straight horn” reflecting their long, conical shells. Orthoceras fossils are from the Silurian Age and are 400 million years old.

Orthoceras are well composed of physical and supernatural healing properties. These are admired for promoting success, wisdom and pride in business. 
Many healers use these fossils to raise telepathy and to inspire the mind of the people. By the tradition, fossils are usually used for helping out the degradation in fatigue, drowsiness, rheumatism and disorders in the digestive system. 

The Orthoceras is quite grounding and is good for the Root Chakra. It also makes the wearer confident so that he may face the world without any fear. 

(May not be exact one pictured, but one of the same size and quality)

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