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The Home Protection Set includes Selenite, Rose Quartz, Amethyst, Mahogany Obsidian, Smokey Quartz & Black Tourmaline. This set is ideal for protecting your home from unwanted energies. Keep your home safe & secure & the energy in your home peaceful. These crystals have been set with the intention to protect your home. All sets come with a printed explanation of the properties of the crystals used. The pouch may vary from picture in colour and pattern. All sets come with a printed explanation of the properties of the crystals used. Selenite bowls are sold separately. 

Black Tourmaline is the king of home protection. Place him just outside or inside your front door to safeguard the house's entrance. 

Smokey Quartz envelops your home in a smoky cloak of protection. It directs negativity and psychic vampires away, often confusing them about where your energy lies. Those ill wishes will breeze right passed you. 

Amethyst shoots strength and control through your home's walls. Place it near your back door or back window, to safe guard against break-ins and bad energy. 

Rose Quartz might be a surprising selection, but there is nothing more impenetrable than sound loving energy. Rose Quartz keeps love circulating throughout the home, building unbreakable strength. Place this crystal in the centre of your home so it's energy can radiate outward, the strength coming from the very core.

Mahogany Obsidian has a gentle energy, resonating with the earth it grounds and protects. It is a stabilising stone that strengthens a weak aura.

Selenite pulls in positivity and circulates it through the healthy chi in the home. To keep your home from feeling heavy, Selenite keeps the inner energy bright and bouncing along the waves of chi. If your home has stagnant chi (is messy or poorly placed) your Selenite may trip up. Place your Selenite along the windowsills of your main floor. It helps to have multiple tiny pieces of Selenite. If you only have one piece, move it from window to window once per week.

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