Tree Agate Tumble Stones

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Tree Agate Tumbles - $3 EACH

Tree Agate is an excellent stone to use as a personal talisman. It will help your body gain physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual strength.

It will give you the stamina to handle everything that you’re supposed to do and everything that’s expected of you. It will also give you a sense of your own power!

When you’re in possession of this stone, you will feel your nerves calm down and your body relax. You will also enjoy a lightness in your heart, mind, and spirit.

It will help you achieve balance and stability in all aspects of your life.

This stone carries quiet energy that will help you work determinedly and ignore all the things that are causing you confusion or pain.

Tree Agate will help you work behind the scenes and achieve all that you set out to achieve.

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