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3 Ring Practitioner Set

Royal full cubit 16.5cm across
Ark full cubit 17.5cm across
Lost full cubit 18.5cm across

The Sacred Cubit length is constructive in nature and supports the process of integration. It holds things together and carries frequencies that resonate with the structural and mechanical aspects of the manifest world. This measurement is the one to use when you want to structure and potentize water, fortify plants, heal physical problems that are structural in nature, or improve the functioning of any mechanical system. Broken bones, sprains, fractures, skeletal misalignments, and physical injuries respond well to this frequency. The light from the Sacred Cubit informs the body about what is needed to repair and reconstruct itself at the cellular level

• The rings cause water to fluoresce. These quantum light effects have been studied instrumentally and confirmed through psychic observation. • The spectral output of light from ring treated water potentizes it and imparts a livingness to it. This enhances the life force when consumed by humans or when used on plants and animals.
• Taste tests show that water treated with a Tensor ring is softer, cleaner, and feels purer than untreated water.
• Less is better – in drinking potentized water start with half a glass, twice daily and slowly increase the amount over a week or two. Detoxification may occur, manifesting as dark urine, diarrhea, and rashes or pustules on the skin, depending on the type of toxicity. Take it slow, so as not to overload the eliminatory organs. Too rapid detoxing may produce unpleasant symptoms. • Plants appear to grow more lushly, are taller, have larger leaves, and fewer insects and pests. Animals prefer ring treated water.
• Water changes from a very acidic pH to neutral or slightly alkaline when left standing in a ring for 24-48 hours.
• Ring treated water has a lower freezing point - ice formed from it has a different crystalline structure than untreated water. Take two identical glasses of ice water, set one in a ring, and see which one melts first! The rings alter both the freezing and boiling point of water.
• The light from the ring penetrates every thing in its path. Since the human body is 70% water, this light goes deep into the cells, generating positive healing effects at the cellular level. The rings appear to relax the cell membranes and allow for better oxygen/nutrient/waste transport in and out of the cells. • Healers will notice that the rings amplify their natural abilities making it possible to give more benefit to more people in less time. Healing sessions that normally take two hours take 45 minutes with this technology. Chakra clearing is greatly enhanced by the rings.
• Hanging a large ring on the headboard, in alignment with the body while asleep, has a curative impact, and produces beneficial sleep patterns. People report enhanced dream states, a need for less sleep, and wake up feeling refreshed and alive. Any configuration of rings placed under the mattress, or under the bed alleviates chronic pain and in some cases has produced miraculous healing effects. • Standing or sitting in the ring field while working or meditating increases energy and clarity levels.
• The beam effect makes it possible to do healing work at a distance.
• Rings placed on or around computer equipment eliminate EMF transmissions - they reduce and sometimes actually repair computer problems.
• Any mechanical device responds to the ring field in a positive way. A small ring on
the gas cap of your car, and a big ring in the trunk, over the gas tank, increases gas mileage. Rings on the engine hoses reduce the need for repairs. Rings on the car seat make it possible to drive long distances without fatigue.

The Lost Cubit is derived from the sum of the polar and equatorial circumferences of the Earth divided by the
speed of light. Therefore relates to cosmic harmonics in a special way. Due to its dual ability to resonate with cosmic energy frequencies and earth energy frequencies, It is the secret key to extraordinary health and extreme longevity.

The Lost Cubit has a natural resonant frequency of 177 megahertz which corresponds to the frequency of
DNA. It is becoming more widely accepted by scientists that DNA acts as an antenna for light energy, and therefore the harmonic frequencies of light.
The Lost Cubit works more on the Mental / emotional aspects and one must be grounded to wear this full time!

The Ark

This Cubit brings out almost instant waves of deep relaxation when used in conjunction with the Sacred and Lost Cubits by placing them on your head inside on another also bringing Grounding as well as relaxation. Feeling of being driven downwards like roots into the earth. Using these 3 rings can produce quite miraculous healing. The 3 rings work in synergy with each other. This Cubit fills the missing gap of 33Mhz
 (aka the Christ Consciousness)                   between the Sacred and the Lost Cubits
The Ark on its own has been reported to help with blood pressure and heart issues both physically and emotionally. Balances and Stimulates Undeveloped Chakras and expands the crown and heart chakras
Connection to information on the Etheric Level Emotional Balance and the Feeling of Peace within

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