Crystals for Attracting Love

Crystals for Attracting Love

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Our top picks for crystals that Attract Love to your life include Rhodonite, Citrine, Rose Quartz, Green Aventurine & Malachite. Whether you are wanting to attract a new romantic partner, or encourage more self-love, these crystals will help to open your Heart Chakra and attract the right love to your life. 

attracting love crystals

Our Attracting Love Tumbles Set is perfect for attracting love to your life. They come in a little silk pouch, so you can carry them with you or place them under your pillow at night, to help you manifest love and open your Heart Chakra.

Of course, as always, it's important to set your own intentions with your crystals. For example, if you are seeking to attract a new romantic partner, then you should take the time to write down what kind of relationship and partner you would like. Let the crystals know exactly what it is that you are wanting to manifest in your life. You and the crystals will need to work together. Keep in mind that from a right relationship with the self, comes all other right relationships. So if you are seeking a romantic partner and you feel that you need to work on the relationship you have with yourself, be sure to include that when you write down your intentions too. 

If self-love is what you are hoping to encourage, then this is what you need to write down. Think about what that looks like for you. Maybe it's being kinder to yourself, and having self-compassion. Or perhaps it's taking better care of your health. Let the crystals know what it is that you would like to achieve. 

Rhodonite is a stone of compassion, an emotional balancer that clears away emotional wounds and scars from the past, and that nurtures love.  It stimulates, clears and activates the heart.  Rhodonite grounds energy, balances yin-yang and aids in achieving one’s highest potential. 

Rose quartz crystals for attracting love

The Anahata Crystals Grid has lots of lovely Rose Quartz. It opens the Heart Chakra and encourages love and compassion.

Rose Quartz invites love into your life.  It opens your heart to receive love and gently reminds you that you are worthy of love. Wear this stone or keep it by your bedside to remind you that love is coming your way. Rose Quartz also has the ability to deeper your existing love relationship. 

Malachite love crystal

Malachite is a beautifully unusual stone. 

The beautiful green swirls in this stone help to usher away hurtful memories.  Malachite works quickly and diligently to clear away painful heartache and make way for new love.  Try sleeping with this stone on your heart chakra. 

Citrine love crystals

Citrine is a happy, vibrant stone. 

Citrine is joyful, sunny stone is known as the Stone of Success.  It will help make you feel more empowered, confident and sure of yourself.  Carry this stone or wear it as jewellery to enhance your self-esteem, confidence and joy. 

green aventurine love crystals

Green Aventurine is a comforter and heart healer. This stone is associated with the Heart Chakra. When your Heart Chakra is balanced, you are able to operate from a place of love and compassion. 

So whether it's a new love partner, deepening your current love relationship or self-love that you want to manifest, the above crystals will be sure to help. You can find these and many more on our website, Shop Now. 

love crystal grid

The Divine Love Crystal Grid Set includes Citrine, Rose Quartz, Clear Quartz & Green Aventurine. This grid is wonderful for attracting love to your life, not just romantic love, but also self-love. This is also a great grid for healing relationships or bring loving awareness to any space.

Love & Light to you! xo 

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