Meditating With Crystals

March 02, 2018

Meditation can offer great benefits to the body, mind and spirit. A multitude of scientific studies have shown that regular meditation can help lower stress levels, improve emotional health, control anxiety, enhance self-awareness, instil compassion and even help with things like addictions. It allows the opportunity to relax, visualise, self-heal, open your energy centres and focus on within.

Using crystals during meditation takes things to the next level. Crystals can help in deepening your consciousness, intuition, awareness and insight. Before you begin meditating with crystals, reflect on what it is you are intending to focus on during your meditative experience. This will help you choose the appropriate crystals for your personal experience. You can use any type of crystal, but these are our top picks; Amethyst, Clear Quartz, Fluorite, Lapis Lazuli and Moonstone.

Amethyst calms and centres the mind so that it is receptive to answers that rise up into awareness; enhances visualization; promotes altered states of consciousness.
Fluorite aids concentration; enables the mind to maintain a meditative and centred space while in the midst of physical activity; helps one grasp higher, more abstract concepts.
Lapis Lazuli stimulates the higher faculties of the mind; aids concentration; aids in self-examination and contemplation.
Clear Quartz brings mental clarity, focus, and concentration; facilitates wisdom, clarity of thought, and higher consciousness; fosters communication between the conscious mind and the subconscious; activates all levels of consciousness.
Moonstone promotes receptivity to illumination and wisdom; promotes calmness and peace of mind; helps one to reach higher realms of consciousness; enables one to receive direction from the unconscious mind; induces trances; encourages self-reflection. 

crystal grid


However, as always with crystals, it's best to pick what you feel drawn to at the time. The colour of the crystal may also influence your choice. Blue stones such as Aquamarine have a calming effect on the mind and body, while pink crystals such as Rose Quartz help you focus on self-love. You may even pick something like Smokey Quartz for it's grounding energy. Once you've made your selection, you can choose to hold it in your hand or place it in front of you. This is entirely your choice.


Once you have made yourself comfortable and reached your meditative state, focus on feeling the energy of the cosmos flowing in your crystal. Try to see and feel this energy, and let this energy flow into your body. Once you can feel the energy in your body, concentrate on what is you want this crystal energy to achieve. For instance, if you have chosen a crystal for self-healing, direct the energy towards the specific area that requires help.


You can also create a crystal grid layout for meditation by laying crystals on your body. This will activate the relevant areas of your body for focused healing and enhanced meditation. Crystals grids done on your body are great for healing, as you can place them where you really need their energy.

meditation tumbles


Remember there's no right or wrong way to meditate or which crystals to use. Everyone's personal preference and experience will be different, so give it a go and see what feels right for you. If you would like somewhere to start, you may like to buy one of our Meditation Tumbles sets ( Pictured above)  or one of our many Meditation Crystal Grid Sets. Check these out and more in our shop here >

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