Space Clearing with Sage

December 10, 2017

Energy stuck? Bad vibes lingering about? Or simply need to refresh your space? 
Time to freshen up your home with an uplifting and energising space clearing ritual.  Learning how to clear harmful negative energies from your living space will have a positive flow-on effect with your mood, energy, and outlook. Raise the vibration of your home for increased health, happiness, and mental clarity by implementing a space clearing ritual.

smudge sticks

These days the grocery store aisles are lined with artificial and chemical products offering a nicely scented, fresh home. But rather than bringing these often toxic products into the sanctuary of your home, opt for natural products like essential oils, incense, and sage to refresh your space instead.  Natural products like quality essential oils and sage smudge sticks are gifts from Mother Earth and can help purify our spaces and reconnect us with nature.

Smudging is a traditional Native American practice by which shamans and healers burn herbs and resins to purify spaces, people and objects, as well as offer blessings.  Other herbs may be used for the smudging process, but sage is the most popular.  Sage has sacred, positive energy and elevated vibration that will maximise the vibration of your space by cleansing both the physical and energetic environment.

Keen to get started? Follow this step by step guide to develop your own smudging ritual and you’ll be ready to cleanse your space in no time.

White Sage smudge stick

Procure your sage. Crystal Visions stocks beautiful quality sage smudge sticks ready to go. Or you can grow your own white sage from seed, dry it well, bundle it, and voila - you’ve crafted your own personalised smudge stick..

Smudging using featherWaft with feathers
. Select a large feather or create a feather fan from found feathers to use to waft the sage smoke with during your cleansing ceremony.  Using feathers from a bird both complements the ethereal nature of the smudging ceremony, and aids in dispersing the sage smoke more effectively through the air to cleanse a broader area. If you don’t have feathers or would prefer not to use them, you can gently wave your smudge stick around as if you are painting in the air.

Set your intentions. Before you light your sage take a moment to focus on your intentions or blessing for your space. Clear your mind and consider what you’d like to release and banish from your space, and what you would like to bring in. Visualise the sage smoke removing any unwanted energies that no longer serve you and unseen negativity as it wafts out of your space.

Open the space. Native American tradition believes that sage repels negativity energy and life-sucking entities, so ensure that there is a clear path for any bad energy to escape once you begin smudging by opening your doors and windows before you begin.

Light your smudge stick. The dried leaves of the sage can be slow to ignite so it is best to use a lighter rather than a match to light it.  Allow the leaves to catch alight, and then blow softly and gently until the flame goes out and your smudge stick gives off a soft, grey smoke. Use your feathers to gently fan your sage and encourage a steady stream of smoke, or intentionally wave it through the air in gentle arcs with your hand.

Smudge your space. Start in the back of the home and waft the smoke into the corners of the room and up to the ceiling. As you go, visualise negative and unwanted energies drifting out of your space with the billowing sage smoke. Focus on your intentions and let the sage guide you as you smudge from room to room towards the entrance of your home. Pay special attention to any areas that feel dark or heavy where energy may be stuck, and continue smudging until you sense the energy shift to light and clear.  

smudging gridSmudge important objects. As you move through your home clearing the space, pause to smudge any treasured or frequently used objects to increase their vibration and ensure their energy is positive. Pass the selected items through or above the sage smoke to clear any bad vibes.

Smudge people.  The smoke of your sage can also waft through a person’s energetic field to clear negativity or lighten a depressed mood. To cleanse another person’s aura, have them stand in front of you in starfish pose (with feet apart and arms out to the side). Wave the smudge stick in soft arcs or fan the smoke with your feather working from their feet up towards their head. Smudge the legs, the torso, and along each arm to the armpit. Then move behind them and have them lift each foot so you can pass the sage underneath, and repeat the smudging as before, but this time to the back side of their legs, torso, arms, neck and head. You can have a friend smudge you or can smudge yourself in a similar fashion. Inhaling sage smoke is not harmful to your health, so let the sweet wafting smoke remove unwanted energies from your aura and raise your vibration without concern.

extinguishing smudge stick
Extinguish and Store. When you are satisfied you have finished cleansing your space from back to front, along with important items and people, it is time to safely extinguish your sage. You may choose to cover it with a flame snuffer, cover it with soil, or use running water to extinguish the burning embers. To honour the sacred energy of the sage and help it maintain its elevated vibration, store it above waist height in a clean, dry spot.

That’s it! Now sit back and enjoy your freshly cleansed space and all the positivity and lightness it brings to body and mind. You can repeat the space clearing ritual as often as needed.  Moving house, following an argument or illness, after unwanted visitors, or simply when your energy is feeling stuck are all perfect times to clear the space. Happy smudging!



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Rebecca Kearney is an eclectic artist from Ipswich, Queensland. Rebecca enjoys drawing mandalas, working with textiles & found materials, random upcycling projects & body art. She was an Ipswich Box Art Winner in 2016. Rebecca is also a crystal lover and Blog contributor. You can find her here>

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