How to Cleanse Your Crystals With The Full Moon

April 11, 2017 3 Comments

Crystals have the ability absorb and hold unique energies, both positive and negative. So its important to cleanse them often and the Full Moon is the perfect time to do this. When we say "cleanse" in this context, it's on a energetic level, not just cleaning the dust off them. Many people believe that the Full Moon can clear a crystal's energy and recharge the positive energies it holds.

There are many ways that you can cleanse your crystals. You may choose to use a White Sage Smudge Stick, rinse them under water or use a larger crystal. But the most powerful way to do this, in my opinion, is by making sure they are put out to bath in the Full Moon's light. If you miss the exact Full Moon it's OK. Putting them out the night before or night after the Moon is full will do just as well.

Below is a very basic how-to, when it comes to cleansing your crystals with the Full Moon;

1. Collect your crystals together, take them outside in the moonlight and lay them out. You may even like to do a crystal grid with them when you lay them out. ( You can learn more about crystal grids here.) Ideally, they should be placed on the earth or a natural surface. Crystals like to be earthed or grounded, just like our bodies do. If you don't have access to some earth or lawn to place them on, you can also just place them on a windowsill or on a natural surface like a wooden plate, on a balcony. The important part is that they are in the moonlight.

crystals on a wooden board

Here is an example of some crystals on a wooden board ready to be cleansed.

2. If you can, leave your crystals out overnight and collect them in the morning. Some people also like to let their crystals have some time in the Sunlight and leave their crystals out for 24 hours. Some crystals don't like too much sunlight though, so be careful when doing this. And if its not safe or possible for you to leave your crystals out all night, that's OK. Just leave them out for a long as possible.

3. It's important to charge your crystals with your intentions. What would you like your crystals to support you in? Maybe there is a goal that you have for the upcoming month? As always, try to focus on a need vs a want when you set your intentions. It can really be anything that you feel you need. You may like to say these intentions aloud or write them on a piece of paper, do what ever feels right for you.

4. The final step is to make sure that you give thanks. It's important to express your gratitude to your crystals, the Universal Energy, God, or whatever your higher power may be.

It's important to note that clouds do not effect the moon's energy. So if its overcast or raining, you can still cleanse your crystals with the Full Moon's energy. Just make sure that you put out crystals that are OK to come in contact with water. For example, keep Selenite and Malachite inside because the rain will damage them. Crystals like the Quartz family, and most tumble stones are all safe to be outside in the rain. In fact, the rain and water will help cleanse them too. 

It's a Full Moon tonight, so collect up your beautiful crystals and give them a cleanse! If you would like to add some high quality, ethically sourced crystals to your collect visit us at  Happy Full Moon! 

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August 07, 2017

Thanks for the reminder! Great info ?


July 30, 2017

I have just visitied this site for the first time and I really love the way it feels. The pics are gorgeous and the info is helpful and I really enjoyed looking thru. Thankyou. I will be back.


June 07, 2017

Hi.. dear!
Could you please guide me crystal for manifestation! I want to sell my business how to do that please guide me .. I have few things in my cart but your shipping charges for USA are too much please send me any offer .. discount code!
Thanks.., Many blessings to you!

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