Broken Crystals - What Does It Mean If You Break Or Lose A Crystal?

Broken Crystals - What Does It Mean If You Break Or Lose A Crystal?

Carla Gill
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What Does It Mean If You Break Or Lose A Crystal? What Can You Do With a Broken Crystal?

Broken crystals can sometimes mean nothing, since it was more than likely broken off of a larger crystal, in the first place, or can mean a lot. Is it an omen of dark days to come, or a benign event that might encourage you to purchase another stunningly beautiful, and powerful crystal from Crystal Visions? Here is some information on what to do when a crystal breaks, as well as how to use crystals no matter the shape they are in to get that positive energy flowing again!


Are Broken Crystals A Sign?

While virtually everything that happens in the universe is a sign of something, your broken crystals don’t necessarily mean that you’re doing anything wrong. Unless your crystals are strictly for decoration you can expect chips and breaks to befall all of them, even your tough quartz pieces. And broken crystals can still be used, in most circumstances. As someone who owns a crystals shop, I have ""broken"" crystals all through my home, and it doesn't necessarily take away the crystal's energy. 

However, many people do believe that when a crystal breaks, it has taken a ""hit"" for you or protected you from something. It is believed that the crystal's work is done. People who believe this, tend to bury their crystals or return them to the Earth after this happens. 

The most important indicator to observe is your own intuition in the case of broken crystals. You and your crystals can become remarkably attuned to each other by the amount of time and energy spent together. If the breakage happens in a way that looks to you like a sign, you should look within to discover any implied meaning. Always trust in your own gut feelings and what feels right to you. 

If it seems to “jump” out of your hands and break on the floor, maybe it’s asking for a rest from working for a while. Or, it could be asking for a thorough cleansing, perhaps, especially if you have been neglecting to do it. Crystals that break multiple times on separate occasions could be a stronger message and imply that their demands are not being met.

broken crystal

What About Losing One?

Intuition applies to losing a crystal, too. Your crystal could be “acting out” to bring attention to how you care for it or it could simply be a cause and effect of simple carelessness on your part. Always show respect by directing positive energy towards crystals and trust what you think it’s trying to say. 


What To Do When A Crystal Breaks?

As mentioned, you are the closest person to your crystals and will best be able to interpret any messages it’s radiating. If your intuition tells you that your broken crystals mean nothing else than that the law of physics has happened, there is nothing to do. If you think it is asking for some rest, try burying it in the ground for a few days or weeks. If you have neglected cleansing your crystal for a while, make sure to recharge it beneath the next full moon. And if it breaks multiple times and you feel it is communicating a longing to leave you, listen and give it away to someone else. There are no hard ad fast rules when it comes to broken crystals. Some can be repaired, and some are ready to be returned to the Earth. However, it is important to remember that most crystals are already taken from a larger piece. The energy is the crystal remains the same. 

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Crystal Visions Store

There aren’t set in stone rules for how to use crystals that have broken. Broken crystals could be trying to give you a message, but the time and energy you have spent with them means you are the best interpreter of that message. In many cases, they can still be used after breaking, or they may need replacing. Lost crystals that are eventually found may be dissatisfied and trying to convey similar messages. Many people like to put their broken crystals in their garden or in potted plants. Either situation could be an opportunity to buy a new one from the Crystal Visions Store. We specialise in making powerful, beautiful crystal grids too. Browse our complete collection at

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