Crystals And Feng Shui For Modern Living

Crystals And Feng Shui For Modern Living

Carla Gill
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Crystals And Feng Shui For Modern Living

Crystals fit in perfectly with many aspects of modern living. They are a powerful design element that also makes a statement about the creative power of nature. Feng shui in Melbourne and several large cities throughout Australia is a growing trend, and our clients there often ask us if we have crystals to incorporate into that philosophy of energy and order. We do, as any of our Crystal Spheres can be used as a feng shui crystal ball.

In addition to its mesmerising beauty, a feng shui crystal ball serves a practical purpose by intensifying the good qi (energy) emanating from the right locations in your home. Feng shui for modern living means wanting to bring positive energy into every area of your life, and a feng shui crystal ball will help to manifest those intentions.

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How To Use A Feng Shui Crystal Ball

Just as there are several schools of thought regarding what types of crystals generate which energies, the same is true for feng shui. Interior design consultants of feng shui in Melbourne may give different advice than others in Brisbane. There are, however, some popularly held beliefs about both crystals and feng shui for modern living.

The Bagua school of thought is a leading branch of feng shui that has a basis in the arrangement of the heavens and its correspondence with points on earth. You can place your feng shui crystal ball according to a Bagua map at points in your home that correspond to aspects of your life.

Placing your feng shui crystal ball on the southwest side of your home is said to bring love into your life. It is also common practice to place one northeast to generate positive growth, and achieve creativity and balance for unity when placed west. Try placing crystal spheres in alignment with what your home space needs to achieve balance. Also, remember to listen to your intuition.

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When choosing one of our crystal spheres for your feng shui crystal ball, keep in mind that the type of crystal can enhance particular energies. One of our beautiful Carnelian Spheres adds a pop of orange and red colour to your home while also working to generate creativity and motivation in people surrounded by its force field.

This Lepidolite Sphere is also known as the “stone of transition”. Lepidolite is believed to assist in the release and reorganisation of old behavioural and psychological patterns, gently inducing change. By placing the lepidolite sphere in the northeast according to the Bagua map, you will maximise the flow of qi associated with positive personal growth as the lepidolite crystal sphere further purifies and sharpens that energy.

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Crystal Visions

Crystal Visions specialises in crystal grids and other beautiful crystals for manifesting intentions. They also provide a high vibe decor to any home. Feng Shui for modern living can incorporate our spheres for use as a feng shui crystal ball. Whether you practise feng shui in Melbourne, Brisbane, or anywhere else in Australia, you’ll find the perfect crystals to elevate your qi at the Crystal Visions Store.

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